How does a girl with roots deep into the soil, history and fabric of Lynn, MA end up in Taunton, MA? She falls in love with the Geeky Tech Guy and they bravely go in search of a town with affordable housing so that they can buy a little house with a nice back yard. They looked at houses in a few towns and finally found their dream home.

I love our little house and huge backyard. I miss the sense of connection that I had in Lynn. My hometown and I were connected on an intimate basis. I knew all the Lynn,MA secrets. The best spots to eat, the part of the beach to avoid, what streets to stay off of after dark and where to find all the good stuff that the town had to offer.

While I love my little house and big back yard, I feel a sense of disconnection with Taunton that I would like to correct. I want to learn everything that a local would know and I want to share the secrets that Taunton has to offer to other brave explorers.

Join us as we discover Taunton, MA has to offer. If you are a native of Taunton, MA, or have some information about a place that must be visited please leave a comment in this section.